About us

An initiative by and for music lovers

Our goal

The Erasmus Music Association aims to provide the students of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam with a platform to connect with each other through a shared passion for music. We provide live music events, educational music events and social events for all levels of musicians and music lovers. Furthermore we maintain a semi-professional roster of enthousiastic student musicians, available for performances on and off the university campus. 


Our goal is to provide all of our community members with entertaining, educational and memorable experiences, using our passion for music as a foundation for our network.


Our vision

“To bring a diverse range of music to all students, staff and community members of the Erasmus University Rotterdam by providing our community with the network, knowledge and foundation to listen, share and make music regardless of background, musical preferences or level of skill”.


Our history

At the start of the 2018/2019 academic year, RASL double-degree student Lucas Vermeer came up with the idea to connect Erasmus University and its students through music. Studying at both Codarts and the Erasmus University, Lucas has always been dealing with both the academic and the musical world. Unfortunately, he didn’t find many opportunities to make music on the EUR campus. So he decided that this has to change by bringing more live music to our university. He gathered some fellow double-degree students and they started brainstorming.


At the end of September 2018, the Erasmus Music Collective was born. Jam Sessions were being held and musicians from all over the Campus came to play together and meet each other. A part of these musicians could be found in the performing Collective and a big part of these musicians are now part of our community, the EMA community and the Erasmus Music Hub.


In 2021, after a strong struggle with COVID-19, the collective decided to make a step forward and change its image and name to Erasmus Music Association, with the aim to give performance and learning opportunities to all EUR students regardless of their musical abilities. Furthermore, the image change aimed at providing a healthy environment and spreading cultural knowledge amongst EUR students through hosting musical events like workshops, music lessons, guest lectures, jam sessions and other various performance opportunities.


Moving to 2022 and onwards, EMA aims at further expanding our network, community and on campus presence and presence within Rotterdam with more regular events and performance opportunities.